Thursday, February 26, 2009


exam baru saja habis.
persediaan untuk pro2 adalah langkah seterusnya!!
owh yeah,zillion of thanks untuk people yang helped me for selanjar.
yang buat sparing kat Gt,yang kongsi soalan-soalan osce,mcq dan sebagainya.
owh yeah,to my sharing moment group,alhamdulillah Allah tolong kita.Apa yang kita bincang banyak membantu.Kalau tak banyak sikit pun dah kira bagus.Alhamdulillah.
well,to my sharing moment group,
im so sorry for everything.yeah,kekadang ena sangat bermilitary dalam group.those yang digelar manic dan bipolar disorder,it was a joke.without the jokes,the group akan sangat boring.yea.betul-betul minta maaf jika termakan hati,keropok dan sebagainya=p
ok,to my study groupmates,sila rujuk kembali ke kumpulan anda!!hehehe,kak ja dan faten yang belot sebentar,sila kembali ke pangkuan jalan.=p.muahxx

Sunday, February 22, 2009


salam sayang,
esok dah nak start exam.well,thanks to everybody who help me a lots.
  1. of course to my study group mates,dah hampir 3 tahun kita blaja sama2.lama kan=p
  2. my sharing moment group[anis duha,imah,nisa,muni and kakpah]
  3. oh yeah,my swimming partners[cikha,mai,umie,u guys memang rock.memang happening swimming ngan hampa!!cant wait to see mr thursday]
  4. to my big supporters,ase and syira!!muahxxx
  5. yeah lastly,to my PNM members yang mantap.buktikan hampa memang mantap!!!you know who you are

owh yeah,to readers!!!please pray for us.for our batch!!!!

[all the best]


a patient came with fever and lymphadenopathy.Night blood smear was done and picture A was found in blood.
  1. give the rational for taking night blood smear.
  2. give 2 morphologies seen in the picture
  3. name the organism
  4. give 2 diagnostic tests.
  5. name 2 drugs for this infection


  • the organism present in blood is higher at night
  • blurred nuclei,kinky shaped and 2 nuclei at the post end.
  • Brugia malayi
  • Brugia rapid test and Knott's concentration method
  • albendazole,diethyl carbamazine(DEC)

p/s:yeah,im s000000000 sleepy.good luck evrybody=p

Friday, February 20, 2009


A patient came with fever,abdominal pan and intermittent seizure.The picture shows the head of the organism A found in his stool.

  • describe the morpholoy of organism seen in the picture?

the scolex with 4 suckers and 2 row of hooks

  • give 2 stages of this organism that can be detected in the stool

the egg and gravid proglottid

  • name the intermittent host for this infection


  • state the diagnosis for this patient

infected with Taenia solium with complication ofneurocycstercosis

  • drug that can be used for this infection


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


soil transmitted diseases(nematode)
S-Strongyloides stercoralis
E-Entrobius vermicularis
A-Ascaris lumbricoides
T-Trichuris trichiura
  1. the male worms have post coiled end structures.(orang laki suka belit ayat)
  2. the infective stage are the egg(embryonated egg for Ascaris lumbricoides)
  3. route-fecal-oral route
  1. route-direct penetration to skin.
  2. infective stage-filariform larvae

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009

mukah,your opinion please

some one might be transfered to mukah for his job.for two years i i surfed about mukah.
  • no direct flight from penang/kl-mukah
  • sibu airport to mukah town by road about 3.5 hours and only 25 minutes by MAS small flight.and the flight is once per day=(
  • the hospital only have 80 beds with 4 medical hospital
  • mukah is soooooooooo near to miri,brunei and sabah(this is the best part for me)

i really dont know how they can survive in that area.lenggong is much much better because we can easily get access to hospital,bank ect.and also the internet.Is streamyx available in Mukah or atleast celcom broadband?i am a person who love ALAM at most.and i know mukah might have scenery yang sangat untuk menikmati keindahan alam pasti sangat wont be a problem for me because im not s00oooo into it.

but,if i were him,can i survive in that place.can the beautiful place overcome my distress about internet,call and etc?they say company will pay extra rm1000 per month,therefore they can visit us regularly.i checked the airasia and MAS.the flight ticket per person is rm100-rm600,depends on day.i really dont care about the ticket,but what make my life worse is about the facilities.

if you were me,would you let they go?

brain and haemorrhage-1

extradural haemorrhage

cant cross the suture[the dura attach directly to the bone]
haemorrhage can cross the midline
haemorrhage is biconvex shape

subdural haemorrhage

can cross the suture
cant cross the midline[due to presence of falx cerebri]
cresenteric shape

subrachnoid haemorrhage

the blood fill the fissures and the sulci
not cross the midline
usually due to:
2.rupture of aneurysm

success is ABC-ability,breaks and courage
lets work hard people,
breath in-semangat
breath out-kemalasan
go go go!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lining Boats

Lining Boats, originally uploaded by n a z z i m.

this is pic from my new Flickr friend.loveit.see how beautiful the sky,the sea,and also the boats.Subhanallah!!!!

yeah,picture can say thousand of depends on hoy you interprate it.

some might say:!cantiknya,i like the sea.

2.MasyaAllah,indahnya ciptaan Ilahi.

3.Bayangkan,apakah yang berlaku pada nelayan jika musim tengkujuh? itu sangat besar,boleh angkut ikan banyak di laut.

5.bila tengok laut,cuba bayangkan berapa ribu jenis spesis dekat situ?then cuba bayangkan setiap ikan berkomunikasi atara satu sama lain,ada anak ikan menangis,ada ikan bertarung dengan jerung dan sebagainya.huh,bukan kita je hidup didunia ni.dan bukan kita je ada masalah.

see,banyak lagi kita boleh interprete satu gambar sahaja.

what about you people?

Friday, February 13, 2009


a radiological investigation of female genitalia tract.
indicated in infertility-untuk tengok congenital anomalies or tubal patency/obstruction if there is no spilage of contrast medium in peritoneal cavity

performed between 4th-10th day of menstrual cycle,patient needs to abstain from intercourse during the period ofbooking until examination.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


lepas diedit

hello and assalamualaikum everybody=p
this post is khas untuk my faten and also my new studygroup mate azizi anak pakcik shaukani*ehem ehem*
nk edit gambar kan?ok,let's try!
1.sekarang buka gambar yang nak diedit[file-open]
2.then,kita nak adjust gambar supaya gelap and colour cam best sket[image-adjustment-level]
3.isi setiap kotak dengan dari kanan[44,o.77,246]
4.then,kita nak wat lomo effect mcm contoh gambar atas.[image-adjustment-curves]
5. akan keluar satu window kecik,cari kotak tulis channel
6.tekan red.nampak ada graf kan katbawah channel tu.klik dekat garisan and gerakkan.akan ada kotak input and output kan.
7.fill the boxes[input-114,output-159]
8.buat benda yang sama untuk blue and green
9.ok,sekarang done with lomo effect.,[filter-distort-lens correction]
11.dekat vignette[amount- -77,midpoint-+33]
*tolong buat masa mengantuk saja*


[beauty is totally subjective]

i think my pics are wow![coz i like the effects] some say"langsung tak cantik".peduli apa!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

[mr relief]

i wish that dia can stay strong
I want to be strong
so i can help dia
please be strong!!!
Ya Allah,tiupkan angin sabar ke dalam dirinya
life is not end yet

life is an open secret

awesome,relax and simple.
a must have motivational book.
if you cant afford,just read her blog.
each secret reflect your life,
owh,little shark,im welcoming you into my life

p/s:i wish i can have all her collections

Sunday, February 1, 2009

practises make perfect-1

case 1
a 16 year old girl,came to GP for never having menses.
experienced cyclical abdominal pain for the past 2 years
normal secondary sexual characteristic,no goiter,BP 110/70 mmHg
per abdomen-a mass coresponding 12 weeks of pregnancy,
ultrasound-enlarged uterus filled with fluid
  • diagnosis
  • pathogenesis and pathophysiology
  • investigations and treatment

case 2

a 17 yer old female,unmarried,came to hospital,never having menses.physical examination:

  • short stature
  • no secondary sexual features development
  • broad chest
  • external genitalia infantile
  1. further question
  2. provisional diagnosis
  3. investigation to comfirm diagnosis

[good luck friends]

please comment so we can discuss

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