Sunday, February 22, 2009


salam sayang,
esok dah nak start exam.well,thanks to everybody who help me a lots.
  1. of course to my study group mates,dah hampir 3 tahun kita blaja sama2.lama kan=p
  2. my sharing moment group[anis duha,imah,nisa,muni and kakpah]
  3. oh yeah,my swimming partners[cikha,mai,umie,u guys memang rock.memang happening swimming ngan hampa!!cant wait to see mr thursday]
  4. to my big supporters,ase and syira!!muahxxx
  5. yeah lastly,to my PNM members yang mantap.buktikan hampa memang mantap!!!you know who you are

owh yeah,to readers!!!please pray for us.for our batch!!!!

[all the best]


lukachikuto said...

ena, mintak maap byk2, gud luck exam.
faten takut sgt!!!! =(
takut pon kene exam gak kan? huhu

Anonymous said...

wonder if u know atikah latif... friend in mrsm langkawi.. Teaks preferably

ainaa ismail said...

yup yup,kenal!!!!
teaks comel=p

btw,who are you?owhyeah,kenal teaks jugak la kan?

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