Sunday, February 1, 2009

practises make perfect-1

case 1
a 16 year old girl,came to GP for never having menses.
experienced cyclical abdominal pain for the past 2 years
normal secondary sexual characteristic,no goiter,BP 110/70 mmHg
per abdomen-a mass coresponding 12 weeks of pregnancy,
ultrasound-enlarged uterus filled with fluid
  • diagnosis
  • pathogenesis and pathophysiology
  • investigations and treatment

case 2

a 17 yer old female,unmarried,came to hospital,never having menses.physical examination:

  • short stature
  • no secondary sexual features development
  • broad chest
  • external genitalia infantile
  1. further question
  2. provisional diagnosis
  3. investigation to comfirm diagnosis

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ainaa ismail said...


case 1-imperforate hymen
case 2-Turner's syndrome

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