Wednesday, May 5, 2010

pre-exam symptoms

salam to all,

currently,i'm having severe palpitation the worst ever i think in this last night slept at after 12 or nearly 1,and woke up around 2++ with a fresh mind,gila ke apa?intended to perform solat hajat but afraid to go to the toilet.

and able to sleep back until 530,woke up,perform Fajr prayer.Then alhamdulillah,i was reciting alQuran reading the meaning and i found this ayat: 

"Dan pohonlah pertolongan kepada Allah dengan sabar dan solat"(2:44)

Then,terus hantar message share with my friend :-)

but the nervous still persisted,breakfast with MILO,but vomit.hahaha.memang teruk :-)

and now alhamdulillah getting better.

okla,sebelum pergi exam,jangan lupa solat sunat kawan-kawan.we hope for the best

my paper is at 9 in the morning continue with clinical exam at 130-300pm.

whoever read this post,please doa for me and my friends,pray for the best,weather pass or not,it doesnt long as it is the best.but no body in this world want to be a failure kan.hehehe


p/s:i feel lucky to be born as a least i know who i want to turn on to seek help :-)
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