Tuesday, November 24, 2009

letter to myself

early in the morning,i was given another chance by Allah,to breathe in His world.Alhamdulillah.yes,i planned to study this morning,but unfortunately i didn't have the courage to do that.My mind was somewhere else.Of course i felt disappointed,but looked at the positive side,at least i had time to read something rather than blaming my self due to my low self motivation.

then,i was having a short chat with my friend.i just realized how grateful i am.I knew,i was not the most person in the world who carry the most heaviest burden in the world.(am i writing the right grammar?).Alhamdulillah.Thank to Allah for opening my eyes.To my friend,don't be sad.Your problem will be solved one day.Take a step by step,be in the room,focus one thing at a time,having a coach rather than the commentor.

owh yes,i should be grateful.i still have my parents,both in good condition.when i didn't give them a call everyday,they will call me back.is that good?I used to think that father(including all father in the world) really have a stony heart.They rarely expressed their feeling(macho la konon).but i realized that they hardly expressed their feeling but deep inside of their heart,only Allah knows how much they love their children.Hahahaha,abah if u read this,i just realized your stony heart.

btw,one of my parents' collegue was admitted in one of the ward in HUSM due to stroke secondary to hypertension.Looking at him and his wife,i knew both of them were very strong.with their small kids and banjir at their kampung,his wife managed to smile eventhough she was carrying a mountain burden on her shoulder.Subhanallah.Lets pray for hers and her family.Everytime i gave them a visit,i keep telling my self that i need to be grateful for what i have.I know,manusia selalu nampak yang buruk rather than the good things.but keep reminding your self about it.

i was reading the Impact last few days,Nigel asked me to list my 10 success in my life but unfortunately,i couldnt recall it in 10 seconds.why?From nigel's research,my problems or my bads leaved more deeper impact in my heart,sedangkan i have so many things to be grateful,so many things that i perceived as my success.Apa-apa pun,it's depend on us.

then,i managed to read this article.betul apa yang dia tulis.im totally agree!!what is my pengorbanan to my religion?read it:P

till then,

p/s:when i was writing this post,i felt bad on myself,but later,i realized at the end of my letter,i just realized,my spirit is back:P

thank you Allah~~

Friday, November 20, 2009

the impact

THE IMPACT CODE is totally awesome.i just finished reading the first chapter.IF YOU ARE IN THE ROOM,BE IN THE ROOM

"The past is a place of reference,not a place of residency"
-Willie Jollie

owh yes,he explained to us about commentor,coach and player,their functions in our life.it is totally amazing.go and grab it now :P

p/s:i am a little bit stress with my current posting,but i know,stress wouldn't change anything rather than increase your intracranial pressure.hahaha,but i know,we will overcome it one day:P.pray for us.may Allah bless us.ameen~~

Thursday, November 12, 2009



i cant believe im able to finish my 6 weeks orthopaedic posting.

if outsiders read this,mesti ingat ortho macam disaster gila kan.NO la,orthopaedic sangat best,very interesting,having a great sport team,with great lecturers and superb MOs.u learnt a lot from them.

betullah tak tipu,tambah-tambah kalau masuk SPORT team.sangat best dan meletup.kan kembaq:P

but biasalah,semuanya ada give and take.Sport team memang best,banyak belajar but kena hati keras macam batu,telinga sumbat banyak2 dengan taik telinga,muka kena poyos.all the nagging and the babbling become a very tiny matter to you.

the requirement especially the 6 posts in his blogs,jangan main-main.dia sangat serious dengan blog itu.awak tak cukup 6 posts,awak to boleh ambil exam.yes,he did it to one of the members.

oklaaa,if i were given another chance,i dont want to be in SPORT team anymore.penat kena bebel laaaaa.

good luck everyone.hahahaha:P

yes maam:P

currently,i'm reading this book.nice:P
i should give this book to anis,sangat santai and relax.sesuai untuk yang susah baca buku =)

p/s:a few hours before we finish MCQ:p

Monday, November 9, 2009


part 1
i'm not a good person,
but i think nobody is perfect in this world.

part 2
well,while everybody is busy preparing for their upcoming exam,
i still managed to find my time for an inspiring movie called "...."

yeah,sangat bermotivasi:P

part 3
aimie dah nak bertunang,owh my!!
i just realized that we are already 22.
cepatnya masa berlalu,
ingat lagi tak masa kita main tenis under class pak syed,
kita buat jahat time exam,tutup langsir kelas,tutup pintu and bukak buku,
time tu sangat tak matang dan sangatlah jahil

part 4
tomorrow is monday
new week with new classes begin
will i miss ortho like i miss surgery?
k0f k0f k0f
*batuk kering*

p/s:my 3rd mission in ortho still tak accomplish,takpa,treatment room nantikan ketibaan kami(sekiranya tidak dipanggil oleh dr kesayangan:P)

Friday, November 6, 2009


phone conversation between me and my parents in loud speaker mode

me:mak,ena bosan.
mak:bosan?pegi cari boyfriend sorang hilang bosan
abah:bosan?p baca buku ka,basuh baju ka.
me:mak suruh cari boyfriend
abah:buatla kalau nak kena marah
me:anak kena taat cakap mak
abah:*gelak besaq*

p/s:my mom sangat worry because i have nobody special in my life now.especially when she heard the story from my friend,May.hahahaha
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