Saturday, December 27, 2008

pelvic fracture,urethral injury and testicular torsion

Gosh!it makes me 2 days to understand,plus my movie time..itula dulu time dr ajar tak nak focus.hahaha=p
ok,lets say someone is having pelvic fracture.Now,refer to atlas,kita tgk organ yang ada dalam pelvic cavity(since surrounded by pelvic bone).Not to to forget the perineum.Sites of fracture akan bagi kesan dekat adjacent organ=P.
katakan fracture dekat inferior pubic ramus.
adjacent structures are membranous and spongy urethra,external spinchter muscle,nerves and blood supply.if the fracture cause urethral injury,sodekat meatus akan kuar fresh blood(kalau injury atas neck of bladder,blood akan mix dengan urine=hematuria).If he's having complete urethral injury,urine yang flow akan akan masuk dekat perineal pouches.
urethral injury
  1. membranous urethra-urine akan flow ke deep perineal pouch,and dpt abdominal pain only.
  2. spongy urethra-urine enter superficial perineal pouch and fill the scrotum and the ant of ant abdominal wall.sebab tu dappat abdominal pain and also swollen and tender scrotum(inflammation occur)

bila extravastion of urine in the scrotum,akan lead kepada testicular torsion.bahaya!sebab kalau ischemia,alamat mandul la lelaki itu=Pso kena repair.and also the contralateral testis pun kena check sebab selalu torsion berlaku bilaterally=p.

hehehe..please refer to atlas and keith moore for better understanding=p.

p/s:what will happen if the fracture cause the nerve injury?hahahahaha


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