Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Enteritis Syndrome

Post Enteritis Syndrome
the diarrhea persistent or become severe after post hydration period.why?
during the AGE,the lamina propia and the mucosal layers damage.The mucosal layer that recovered from AGE remains sensitive to antigenic food proteins such as cow's milk protein.The continued feeding of these proteins during vulnerable period results in further mucosal damage,depletion of mucosal dissaccharidases and secondary lactose intolerance.This result in persistent diarrhea.
when patient is having diarrhea,the important thing is to restore the fluid loss.
the complication of diarrhea might cause renal failure in severe dehydratNumbered Listion and also hypovolumic shock.We know already the complications of shock right=p
management of diarrhea
  1. fluid replacement therapy
  2. antibiotic therapy-only in blood diarrhea,septicaemia and immunocompromised patient.
  3. antidiarrheal therapy not indicated because we want to remove the bacteria from the lumen excreted into the stool.

diarrhea-cirit birit



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