Tuesday, July 27, 2010



i just having a conversation with my eldest brother.yup,life is getting harder and harder day after day.no doubt on that.i don't know why i feel like my tears are flowing down the cheeks even though i try to remain cheerful  at that time(very fake).but it is not a big problem by the way.

well,since raya is getting nearer although we haven't cross the ramadhan yet, my big brother dah start pening with those raya stuff in a way of duit raya.it just because of the name and the reputation.how he needs to double up his working hour to give us duit raya.huhuhuhu.

nahhhhhhhh,i told him"kalau orang nak bagi kita ambil,kalau taknak bagi takpa,they would understand,if not,buat tak tau saja.the point is back to our niat.kalau just about reputation,baik tak payah,pahala pun tak dapat nanti.baik sedekah duit dekat rumah anak yatim.lagi bagus"

i know,my brother sincerely nak bagi,but somehow he realized that he couldnt afford it.

being the eldest in the family and the eldest grandchildren,well,he has big responsibility la kan; to show a good example to the others.living in KL somehow is troublesome.money is needed here and there,even the toilet.huh!

okla,i dont know why i am ranting about my brother.owh yeah,got my point.it is about bersyukur or to be grateful.

ok,kita kena bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada.tak kisahlah kalau perkara itu hanya la sekecil mana.bukan wang yang menggunung,rumah yang besar,kereta yang banyak atau jawatan yang tinggi.

well,rezeki itu ada di mana-mana,Allah dah tetapkan setiap orang ada rezekinya masing-masing,it needs our effort to reach it.make sense kan :-)

well,rezeki doesnt mean money by the way.it can be translated as a chance or anything.

early this morning,my junior called me.she asked about her grandparent who had acute urinary rentention,with tense and globular bladder.they failed to insert the catheter so he needs further intervention.somehow it give some reflection to my life.i never realize for being grateful of what i have.i never realize that urinate or BO give some significance to our life.what if you having constipation for a week.or urinary rentention?horrible kan.u cant go here and there,feeling the consistency,u might avoid to drink as it might further distended your bladder.i have seen one case like that during my attachment.very pathetic.

kesian kan.so overall we need to bersyukur for what we have.

till then,

p/s:personal development is important in other to become a  good person :-)


Ct SoLeHa said...

dpt bayang bertapa leganye patient lps masuk CBD after AUR..xde dah sakit perut..leh kencing amat melegakan..kalo CBD xleh masuk..kena buat suprapubic catheter..sgt bersyukur leh PU dan BO stp ari..hehe

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