Thursday, July 22, 2010

buang bayi


alhamdulilllah,just finished reading the 11th commandment.awesome!u cant resist yourself what happened next after next.from a page flipping to the next page until you realized that clock struck at 12 midnight and u haven't touch your academical books yet.

now i realized that i cannot resist my self to know the ending of the story,dulu ingat malay novel je yang tak boleh stop,perhaps it was because of the story line yang sangat saspen!

by the way,last night,i had a conversation with my friend.we came cross to a topic of buang anak.well,we have seen lots of single parents in the ward,married or not.and surely the bad stigmata will cross the mind.ops!but thinking on the positive site,we should support them actually.maybe they had committed the sin (et:sex before marriage) but they do not throw themselves into the hell again as they will deliver the baby safely(insyaAllah) and at least the foster parents will be taking care of the baby.lagi bagus dari buang bayi yang tak berdosa opens my eyes laa about that!

and one more,she said that we should be thankful and grateful for our parents.memangla sometimes kita memberontak bila kita kena marah,merajuk or everything.but sometimes we never realize that kita bukanlah tergolong dalam anak yang terbuang itu.kita bersyukur sebab kita takde ibu bapa yang nak buang anaknya.

and she said malaysia mungkin dah maju setapak ke hadapan dalam pembangunan,ekonomi(walaupun harga minyak naik) but sebenarnya kita semakin jauh ke belakang,ibarat di zaman jahiliyah apabila pembuang bayi berleluasa.kalau dulu hanya bayi perempuan yang ditanam hidup-hidup,sekarang dah tak kira jantina siapa yang teruk?kita atau orang dulu?

well,i never think about that part pun.thanks for opening my mind!


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