Monday, February 8, 2010


this morning was my first day on clerking the psychiatric patients.since i approached them in the clinic,the clerking was much more easier compared to the ward.and i encountered a patient,that experience only 2 days of sleep disturbance and one day after that she developed auditory hallucination that lasted less than one week.therefore,she was diagnosed to have brief psychotic disorder(instead of major depressive with psychotic feature which was my probable diagnosis)

well,she really opened my eyes.widely in many aspects.we shared a lot of experiences together(patient was stable :D).and the important that really made me "owh,ainaa wake up" was when she said

"makcik patut bersyukur dengan dugaan yang Allah bagi kat makcik.even 2 days Allah duga makcik macam tu,buatkan makcik sangat-sangat insaf dengan kesalahan lalu"

ok,another sentence memang kena muka sendiri

"bila makcik sakit,makcik sedar,makcik lebih dekat dengan Allah,dan makcik rasa Allah dekat dengan makcik.kalau dulu nak baca quran sehari pun belum tentu,baca newspaper berjam-jam takde masalah"

ok,that sentence memang really made me totally insaf.

well,my first impression of psychiatric was ok,cabaran!

btw,my patient shared with me her homework.


she can list up almost 2 pages,but when i asked myself,even nak keluar satu pun susah.ok,i havent recognized myself yet!

p/s:makcik,semoga cepat sembuh 110%


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