Friday, January 1, 2010


rumble 1
i need the love,i am desperately need the love.
i wish the love is mine,forever and always be mine,
no matter what,
yes,actually i have it,but i lost it,
i need to find it back.
wish me,pray for me=)

rumble 2
different words different meanings
ukhwah is tightly bond with love but not to all friends,
im asking my heart,who is my ukhwah,who are my friends
an article regarding strong ukhwah really ponder my heart,
am i really having it?
did i share my love with my friends?
very rare!
*padan muka*

rumble 3
kemerdekaan yang sejati is when u can control your nafsu
and you can break the the barrier
the barrier that stop you from the success point.

rumble 4
you have hundreds of to-do-list things,
but you havent start any,
u keep asking what is happening to yourself,
it just that your body/mind is making an excuse,
actually you are lazy.
yes,i am lazy.
ok,bertukar rajin sekarang=)


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