Thursday, November 12, 2009



i cant believe im able to finish my 6 weeks orthopaedic posting.

if outsiders read this,mesti ingat ortho macam disaster gila kan.NO la,orthopaedic sangat best,very interesting,having a great sport team,with great lecturers and superb MOs.u learnt a lot from them.

betullah tak tipu,tambah-tambah kalau masuk SPORT team.sangat best dan meletup.kan kembaq:P

but biasalah,semuanya ada give and take.Sport team memang best,banyak belajar but kena hati keras macam batu,telinga sumbat banyak2 dengan taik telinga,muka kena poyos.all the nagging and the babbling become a very tiny matter to you.

the requirement especially the 6 posts in his blogs,jangan main-main.dia sangat serious dengan blog itu.awak tak cukup 6 posts,awak to boleh ambil exam.yes,he did it to one of the members.

oklaaa,if i were given another chance,i dont want to be in SPORT team anymore.penat kena bebel laaaaa.

good luck everyone.hahahaha:P


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