Monday, September 28, 2009

failure:a key to success

FAILURE: One of the most frightening things a human being can experience. Most people will try to avoid this at all cost. Why wouldn't they? Failures can cost you your grades, jobs, dignity, respect from others and it will definitely bring your confidence down. The rest of the world will push you to the ground and look down on you from then on.

Most people will give up and quit...and only some will keep on going. Next thing you know, these few people will be the ones who are going to be on top of the world, while the rest of the world will watch them rise. How? These few people are the ones who are not afraid to make mistakes and they stare failure right in the eyes.

IN SCHOOL: School only teach you how to succeed by avoiding failures. What happens if you fail? From where we came from, you will be labeled as a hopeless student with no talent. From then on, you will be the joke of the class and no one will take you seriously. Your colleagues will not even put an effort to help you when you need help with your assignments. Just because you failed your exams.

THIS IS WHAT WE SAY: if you fail...we say Congratulations! you just made your first step to become successful. Failure is the result of pushing the limits of things and having the drive to make things better and perfecting it every single time. You can fail 1,000 times, people will think you are the biggest failure on earth...but in reality, you just found 1,000 ways how to become successful.

Cheers people!

"All my successes have been built from my failures"



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