Friday, January 9, 2009


haha,dulu2 suka panggil org mata kuyu mata stim.ngokngek!!!!!!!

our levator palpebrae superioris muscle or eyelids is innervated by cranial nerve III bilaterally.maksudnya right CNIII innervated both levator palpebrae superioris klau ada CN palsy at one side,yang lagi satu bleh still akan bukak eyelid tu.(mcm dalam kes upper motor neuron and lower motor neuron lesion dekat face tu).so kalau peripheral nerve yg innervate each eyelids rosak,so satu jela mata yg berlaku ptosis.paham tak?tak reti nak terang pulak=(

when someone is having ptosis only at one eye,please check the pupil size.either small,normal or large.

pupillary reflex
  • sympathetic:pupil constrict
  • parasympathetic:pupil dilate

kalau sympathetic rosak,pupil tak boleh nak dilate kan,so pupil akan kecik.

small pupil,unilateral partial ptosis in Horner's syndrome


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