Friday, January 9, 2009

horner's syndrome

horner's syndrome:
  • decrease sweating over each eyebrow
  • pupil constrict due to unbalanced parasympathetic action
  • partial ptosis as sympathetic fiber supply the SMOOTH muslce of eyelids.

occur due to interruption of sympathetic innervation of the eye at any point.


lukachikuto said...

ha.....nex, br igt psl horner syndrome ni,
sympa innervate smooth muscle, CN3 innervate levator palpebrae (striated)....
br je revise last week, da lupa...
thanx nex

ainaa ismail said...

thanks untuk kamu juga=p
kalau hang tak kuarkan this hort case,kita suma takkan discuss and tirgger otak pasal part ni.

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