Friday, December 26, 2008

convulsion,seizure and fit

yup,i found the differences.thanks to mama ro=p

convulsion/fit:seizure(layman term)
seizure;medical term,

but they refer to the same meaning-->abnormal neuronal discharge activities in the brain

then,what is the different epilepsy and status epilepticus?

epilepsy:recurrent seizure attack due tue unprovoked causes(brain tumor cause seizure;bukan epilepsy sebab kita tahu sebabnya)

status epilepticus:(emergency)
-->seizure attack that last more than 5 minutes,or
-->between the 2 attacks of seizure,recovery tak berlaku(normally during postictal,patient akan recover,tapi bila tak recover and followed by next attack itu dah emergency)

febrile convulsion
berlaku sebab the immature brain takboleh tahan high fever due to electrolyte disturbance.
-->we need to evercome this sebab kita nak prevent seizure dekat adult life(complex partial seizure)

ingat tak our super duper dr sani cakap,bila dapat febrile seizure,if prolonged,kita takut akan berlaku brain anoxia.if this happen,that area between the hippocampus an medial temporal lobe akan sclerosis.Sclerosis dekat area ni la akan menyebabkan seizure time dewasa=(

so untuk prevent that prolonged febrile seizure,sponge the patient and bagi rectal diazepam(antiepileptic drug)

GOSh!i read about seizure,but i still couldn't appreciate it=(need more hard work,yeah!
i still takboleh beza/paham tentang absence and grand mal seizure.BRAIN is so complicated!

p/s:hope this will help you people=p


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