Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sekadar revision

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

  • hypertension
  • occur at >20 weeks of gestation
  • at 2 separate occasion
Pre- Eclampsia

hypertension + 350mg proteinuria in 24 hours

Chronic Hypertension

  • hypertension that occur before pregnancy
  • if patient tak pernah buat booking,and on the antenatal check up,BP tinggi
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • occur during pregnancy
  • positive result on MOGTT
  • the blood glucose is >8mmol/L
inidication for MOGTT
  • obesity( measure the weight gain <>
  • glycosuria for 2 times
  • hx of intrauterine death
  • hx of abnormal baby
  • family history of diabetes
  • hx of macrosomic baby(big baby)
mucous staining blood due to separation of the membrane from uterine wall

adequate fetal movement
adequate when the fetal movement is detected more than 10 in 12 hours

indication of down syndrome test
  • mother's age >40 years old
  • previous down syndrome baby
  • wrongly told

normal range
  • 2-12 days
  • volume:30-80 ml
normal menstrual cycle
  • 21-35 days
  • increase no of menstrual cycle more than usual in a year
  • usually woman will experience 12 cycles only per year
  • less cycle in one year
  • occure in athletes due to the stress and excessive exercise~~

p/s:points yang sempat dicatat semasa clincal teaching baru-baru ni =P


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