Friday, September 19, 2008

diagnosis please!

bila patient datang complain of having epigastric pain,what is the diagnosis?in abdomen,epigastric pain arise from the organ that originate from the foregut,which are, esophagus,stomach,1st and 2nd part of duodenum,liver,gallbadder and might be pancreas..but before we focus on the abdomen,we must sure that the pain is not originate from the heart or the lung.there fore ask about the nature of the pain,sharping,crunching=heart,SOB=lung

ok,then camna nak tgk organ mana yang bermasalah dengan epigastric pain?ask la the nature of pain,kalau gallbladder,might be colicky if ada obstruction,stomach and esophagus=dull and burning,pancreas,radiate to the back,liver=jaundice,hepatomegaly etc..

on further questing,besides epigastric pain,patient also complained that it is worsen at night and relieve by milk or food.then u know,it might be from the stomach coz esophagus prob is worsen with food..

problem in stomach,inflammation,ulcer and also buat la endoscopy untuk tentukan

hahahahaha,rasanya itu kut how to approach peptic ulcer~~~


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