Sunday, January 17, 2010

good sunday

this was a conversation between my specialist(S) and his patient's relative(R)

btw,patient was admitted due to giddiness and shortness of breath

S:makcik,sekarang boleh jalan jauh-jauh lagi ke?boleh pergi surau solat etc?
R:tak boleh dah duduk rumah je.nak jalan mana2 dah tak larat

and it started to reflect my mind
  • our body are getting weaker as the age goes up.
  • if an old age want to do night prayer(TAHAJUD),he or she might ask help from least for taking wuduk.ada ke org yg nk diganggu tidurnya yg sedap itu?
  • patutla Allah akan tanya apa yg kita isi dengan masa muda kita kan.tak adil kalau Allah nak tanya apa yg kita buat kalau kita dh tua.Maha Pengasih,Penyayang dan Adil=)
we have anaemia tutorial with dr.abu dzar.patient might require long term prednisolone in AIHA.and the side effect of steroid is changing of the body appearance,menopause at early age etc.some of us dont like have menses as it would cause us having PMS and period pain.but maybe in the AIHA patient,those symptoms(that we hate)have meaning to them,big meaning.


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