Sunday, December 6, 2009

street kid

i want this book.can someone find this book for me in the library?so that i can save my money?

i just finished reading her second book called "No where to run".i cant believe my self.i managed to read the super thick english novel in one night.That would be my achievement for me.(usually sebulan pun susah).

when no body think there was no way to go,she managed to escape from all the disaster.and yes,her children were her strengthen.

yes,i heart u Judy.i don't think i am as strong as you,but i know,whatever obstacles we face,there must be an open door for us.Just find it.Don't give up.

p/s:complete the "ain naqilah novel" ,halfway of the impact code and 2 movies.not bad my inter-posting break.


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