Sunday, December 20, 2009

oh oh laaaaaaaa

i want to read so many books.but my priorities at this moment are
  • law of attraction
  • 9 nyawa by ramli awang murshid.
owh man!!i wish i have more money so that i can have online shopping for these the way,im thinking to go home this weekend after my exam.but i dont know,harapan macam senipis kulit bawang sahaja.ada lagi ke tiket?takpa,dont dream too much,nanti jatuh kecewa susah nak bangun.takpa kalau tak balik,akan ku kerahkan ex2 PNM untuk teman pergi cari buku.fokus untuk kakja dan ten ten.


FateN said...

i wish ur ticket is sold out so dat we will enjoy dis weekend together!! hehe. shopping and masak!!~

na, gud luck exam =)

nerraD said...

no need to go back la... i half year no back home also like that la =') prepare for next posting la, medical posting got many things to cover!! be prepared!!! haha... all the best in exam to u and me as well.. =)

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