Monday, October 5, 2009





the first 3 days of orthopeadic posting are totally killing me.But,yes,life must go on.Nak taknak,u need to face the obstacles.Being posted in S.P.O.R.T team was the first thing that made my life horrible.Then,the seminar that need to present on the second day.Ya Allah,i dont have any idea about fracture management.we tried our best,but unfortunately,we were having difficulty to explain to others.POOR ME.Yup,i feel very worse with that part.Rasa maca bodoh sangat.Still,life must go on.Cheers.I'll try to fix it later.Give me time to breath first.

like alia said,i need to be grateful,eventhough i have so many things to do(banyakke),i still have the courage to do it as best as i can.others might run away.So,thanks alia for reminder.

ok,now nak pegi clerk patient untuk present clinical teaching tomorrow.Smile:P

p.s:SPORT team is not that bad,plus he is cute.hehehe

p.s.s:geram melihat diri sendiri yang suka mengeluh,owh ye,yang lain jangan mengeluh sangat,ramai lagi yang lagi horrible dari kita.*sigh*mengeluh lagi:P


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