Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OUI-orang utan island

adam-orang utan pertama dilahirkan di OUI

June jr yang sangat pemalu

abang mike,ketua segala orang utan di OUI
stage 4-7 orang utans for exhibition.Orang utan cant swim!
more about orang utan?Please visit here

Now in the world,there are about 2000 orang utan.Their habitats are in South East Asia especially in Borneo and Sumatera.95% of Orang Utan's DNA is similar to human.Therefore,dont get shock ifyou hear orang utan suffering seizure,asthma and diarrhea.Maybe because of that Darwin came up with the theory of evolution,maybe!*wink*

Because of natural disaster or land clearing for human development,orang utans are gone.
If nothing is done to counteract these devastating effects, experts estimate that the orang utan could become extinct in the wild in as few as 10 years

Owh yeah,OUI really need donation.Every month,MK Land spend about RM20000 for the orang utan foods,drugs and supplement.Especially the infants,they are easily infected.If u have flu or fever,dont get near to them.If you want to donate,please visit here
p/s:dear people,we dont have money,but we have the power to spread the issues to the world.Let's save them.Save them from extinction.InsyaAllah!!!


Miss Independent said...

chantek la ur ne layout! tapi mane pegi epoch ena?

ena, regarding dis morning stuff, ena kene kuat tau! ignore je dorg tu.

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