Saturday, January 10, 2009


Anaemia occurs when the haemoglobin is below the normal level. Anaemia occurs due to increase RBC destruction, decrease RBC synthesis or due to blood loss. Because of erythropoietin hyperplasia and anatomical extension of bone marrow, the red cell destruction may be increased before the patient becomes anaemia.

In haemolytic anaemia, the RBC destruction occurs either extra vascular or intravascular.The clinical features of haemolytic anaemia depend on the site of haemolysis.


  • increase unconjugated bilirubin,
  • increase urobilinogen and fecal stercobilinogen.


  • Haemoglobinaemia and haemoglobinuria
  • Haemosiderinuria
  • Methaemalbunaemia

Besides that,there will be also features of increase RBC production-->reticulocytosis

Blood film(presence of damaged cells)

  • microspherocyte
  • fragments
  • elliptocyte

p/s;we can noted the signs of extravascular haemolytic anaemia by the presence of jaundice or yellowish sclera.


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